EMPRESS Features

Analytical Dashboard
User has an interactive graphical Dashboard where the daily necessary information summarized for quick view based on user permission like HR Admin has related analytical summary, Recommander/Group Leader/Line Manager has respective TO-DO list and Approvar has respective summary panel. Following are the key activity of the module:

  • Today’s organization wise Attendance Summary graph for managers
  • Monthly Individual (own) Attendance Summary graph
  • Approver Pending List for Attendance, Leave, Onsite Movement, Outside Client
  • Recommenders/Line Managers Pending List for Attendance, Leave, Onsite Movement, Outside Client
  • Individual Pending Status of Attendance, Leave, Onsite Movement, Outside Client
  • Quick Links of frequently used features.
  • Office Calendar to highlight working days and upcoming holidays/day off
  • Individual Leave Summary graph
  • Individual Conveyance Summary Graph
  • Individual Time Sheet/Work Log Summary.

Personnel Management
Employee & Employment Setup is the module where the Employee Record have been kept to use throughout the system. In Employment Setup, the department, designation, roster, weekend, etc. will be available to setup on monthly basis with keeping proper history of different vertical. If any roster or weekend setup not found, the system will use company/location wise default shift & roaster. Supper Admin or HR Manager can change the roaster anytime they want. Following are the key activity of the module:

  • Personal Information (Biographical) Capture
  • Educational Information Capture
  • Medical Information Capture (disease, treatment & hospitalization claim)
  • Employment Information (Joining, Posting, Cost Center, Location, etc) Capture
  • Bank Account Information Capture
  • Employment History Capture
  • Training History Capture
  • Disciplinary Action Capture
  • Reward/Achievement Capture
  • Current Payroll Capture
  • Payroll History Capture
  • Leave Allocation Information Capture with Ledger
  • Document Attachment Facility
Shift & Duty Roster
Highly configurable and policy based Roster Engine designed where Office Time/Calendar Settings can be done for an specific shift as well as holiday calendar can be setup for specific company or location entity. Policy based duty roster can auto roll weekly basis for a month. Following can be done from this settings:

  • Add Edit Shift (General, Morning, Evening, Night)
  • Grace Time (In-Out) for specific Shift
  • Weekday wise Office Start Time and End Time for specific Shift
  • Weekly Holiday for specific Shift
  • Govt. and Other Holiday for specific Shift
  • Monthly Special Day-Off on a weekday (e.g. 1st Saturday, Last Saturday, Odd Saturday, Even Saturday, etc.)
  • Flexible Office Hour Setup
  • Policy based General & Rolling Shift Setup
  • Employee Group Enrollment to specific Rolling/General Policy
  • SBU/Location wise Monthly Process Roster for Group/Individual Employees
Attendance Management
Employees have to Logon into the system through Web Login or Access Control Device (Finger Print/EM Card/Password) where a powerful configurable security policy applied with auto synchronization. Attendance have been captured based on Shifting and Duty Roster configuration. Following are the key activity of the module:

  • Unique People Wise ID to identify employee
  • Office time verification when login/Logout
  • Movement Capture (In/Out)
  • Late Notification
  • Short Leave Notification
  • Force Leave Deduction
  • Attendance Adjustment & Approvals
  • Today’s Attendance Status for front desk as well as all employee
Leave Management
Leave Application is available to raise a leave application and close through an approval process with proper reviewing of Leave Ledger. Leave settings, forwarding, encashment and approval process is available for leave balancing and adjustment. Following are the key activity of the module:

  • Leave Settings with Categorical Administrative Policy
  • Leave Application Processing through workflow
  • Leave Calculation and validation for leave balancing
  • Leave forwarding for next fiscal year
  • Leave encashment of unused leave
  • C-Off (leave for holiday work replacement) Leave Processing
Movement & Conveyance
Every movement of employees has been logged and can be monitored through approval process. Employees conveyance is managed based on movement and makes the accounts transparent to the employees’ dues. Following are the key activity of the module:

  • Client Site/Business Movement Application Process through Workflow
  • Personal Movement Adjustment
  • Relation building of Movement & Conveyance Claim
  • Onsite Client Movement and Approval for periodic deployment of employee
  • No Movement - No Conveyance approach
  • Conveyance approval through Workflow
  • Group Conveyance Payment
  • Individual Conveyance Settlement

Movement log have been process through workflow approval that set by the administrator along with Conveyance Bill
Training & Survey
Training Management System is available to schedule training, publish, enrollment application and close through an approval process. On the other hand, Survey Management System is available to conduct functional, environmental, operational survey within the organization employee to get feedback about the subject. Following are the key activity of the module:

  • Categorically training initialization
  • Training Schedule & Arrangement
  • Schedule Publication and invitation for Express of Interest (EoI)
  • Training Enrollment for the employees
  • Training Closure and Profile Update
  • Categorically Survey initialization
  • Create Survey Questions and Answers
  • Publish Survey to anonymous user or specific group of employee
  • Report of Survey Result in various parameters
Recruitment Management
Organizations Internal Recruitment is processed through this module which includes following key features:

  • Recruitment requisition with reason and required expertise area
  • Requisition approval and job publishing in the Inter-SBU/Branch
  • Application capturing from the applicant and short listing
  • Interview level and board setup
  • Interview scheduling and invitation to applicant
  • Interview Rating of job applicant and result printout
  • Offer Letter & Appointment Letter generation based on predefined template
  • Joining Letter generation based on predefined template for appointed employee
Performance Appraisal (KRA)
Key Responsible Area (KRA) based Performance Management System is available to assess competency areas, activity, strength & weakness of the organization employee. Following are the key activity of the module:

  • KRA Segment (Area, Task, Competency) Configuration
  • KRA Preparation & Submission (Self Service)
  • KRA Review (Mid Year)
  • Lock Preparation
  • Lock Review
  • KRA Assessment
  • KRA Closure with Approval
Loan & Advance Management
Loan & Advance Management System is available to facilitate Load/Advance to the employees. Following are the key activity of the module:

  • Loan/Advance Application by Employee
  • Application Assessment based on Applied Amount, Current Salary, CPF Balance
  • Counter Proposal (loan amount, interest rate, EMI) to Employee
  • Loan/Advance Approval (with Loan Schedule)
  • Loan/Advance Disbursement
  • Loan/Advance Settlement & Re-Scheduling
Payroll Management
Employees Payroll is manages in such an easy way so that accountant job of processing payroll time reduced 75%. Before generating salary, Accountant should generate attendance report of the month from where the employee’s present days, absent days, leave days etc. will be calculated.

  • Cost to Company (CtC) Policy settings which covers allowance & deduction setup
  • Grade Settings with CtC elements that calculating Gross pay & Cost to Company
  • Income Tax Settings with Exemption & Rebate
  • Pending Payroll Setup for new joiners, transfer, promotion, increment, revision
  • Payroll Blocking and Blocked Payroll Processing
  • Month end Adjustment with additional CtC (allowance or deduction) and negative salary.
  • Month end Process of Attendance, Leave, Overtime, Etc
  • Month end Salary & Bonus Process
  • Rollback Salary & Bonus Process and Re-Generate
  • Payment Approvals
  • Bank Instruction Letter Generation for approved salary
  • Salary Payment and Notification to employee
  • Bonus Payment and Notification to employee
  • Other Payment (additional allowances, incentives, leave encashment, Conveyance)
  • Pay Slip generation and printout
  • Loan & Advance Recovery (if schedule available)
  • Salary & PF Ledger update
  • Final Settlement of outgoing employees
Subjective Fund Management
Trustee Funds have been processed through this Accounting module in 2 subjective manner. One is Contributory Provident Fund (CPF) Management and other is Gratuity Fund Management which includes following key features:

  • Member Entry (Enrollment)
  • Member Opening Balances (Own contribution, Company contribution, Own balance of interest, Company balance of interest)
  • Loan, Loan recovery, Reclassification
  • Detail Statement of Lapse & Forfeiture A/C
  • Statement of Retired, Resigned or Dismissed Member
  • Monthly Office wise Contribution Posting (Own and Company)
  • Statement of Final Settlement (Member wise, final settlement wise)/Payment
  • Investment in FDR (New FDR, Reissue, Encashment, Interest Received)
  • Investment in Sanchaypatra (Purchase, Profit Received)
  • Profit Distribution
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Voucher/Journal entry
  • CPF Loan Ending Balance
  • Statement of Total Gratuity Amount (Receivable, at Bank, Investment and balance of interest)
  • Loan Statement Details
  • Loan Amortization Schedule
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • General Ledger
  • Income and Expenditure (Profit and Loss) Account
  • Trial Balance
  • Statement of Fixed Deposit
  • Balance Sheet
Project & Time Sheet
Project and Task Management System have been applied to distribute task to the employee and maintain work log hour. Project Manager can create, update, assign project to the related employee and monitor work log. Following are the key activity of the module:

  • Manage Customer/Client
  • Initiate Project by assigning project owner
  • Create Activity of the project
  • Assign Activity to the employee
  • Log Hour Entry of the Employee in the Time Sheet
  • Work Order Management of the Project
  • Invoice/Bill Management of the project
  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Customer Contribution in Revenue/Turnover
  • Customer Ledger

Project can created, task can be broken down and assigned. Log Hour Entry is an option where assign employees enter daily log of their activity in a project.
Administrative Settings
Company Settings where administrator will setup Grandparent Company, Child Company under Grandparent Company, Grandchild Company (location wise) under Child Company and so on. The companies will be available recursively for nesting each other.

System Settings where the login and security policy will be configured like minimum login length, minimum password length, password type, whether special character allowed in password, number of wrong attempt to lock user account, number of days to change password, password expiry days, system password to reset user account, old password usage restriction, etc.

Group Settings where the user group can be defined and permission of the group on modules and menus can be granted along with workflow status & action privilege.

User Settings where the user can be created and group membership can be assigned for authorization.

Workflow Settings where the menu wise State will be defined. The Actions of a specific State also be configured from this setting.
Email Notification Service
EMPRESS has built-in email notification service for the different modules of the software described above. Following are the Notifications that works depends on Active (Purchased) Module:

  • Birth Day Notification
  • Marriage Day Notification
  • Retirement Notification (both month wise & year wise)
  • New Year notification
  • Bengali New Year Notification
  • Eid Notification
  • Contact End Day Notification
  • Survey Notification
  • Training Invitation Notification
  • Earned Leave Plan Submission Notification to Line Manager
  • Earned Leave Plan Approved Notification to Employee
  • Transfer and Promotion Confirmation Notification
  • Transfer and Promotion Interim Review Notification
  • Leave Application Notification to Line Manager
  • Approved Leave Notification to Employee
  • Pending leave Approval Notification to Line Manager
  • Maternity Leave (50% cash payout) Notification to Payroll
  • KRA Preparation Submission Notification
  • KRA Preparation Frozen Notification
  • KRA Preparation Redo Notification
  • Salary Disbursement Notification
  • Bonus Disbursement Notification
Product Brochure

User Benifits

Web based system to access from anywhere.
Central Installation with browser based client.
Automatic Attendance Capturing & notification.
Payroll processing reduces 75% of manual time.
Self Assessment escalates employee productivity.
Total Management time reduces more than half.

Major Implementations

Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Limited

Meghna Group of Industries (Fresh)

Renata Limited

Bashundhara Group

Orion Group

Partex Star Group

Unique Group

Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh

Habib Bank Bangladesh

Paradise Group

Service Engine BPO

Ekattor Media Limited